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    eBay auction on 1999 seadoo GTX part out

    Not sure this is going to work, but on this page but I have a 1999 GTX part out going on and the following parts are on eBay. I'm going to try to list the links but who knows. Buyer pays all shipping. 951 carbs. Total set with all linkages dirty as heck but would rebuild nicely $ 200 951 stock starter that is tested and works $60 951 stator and oil injection pump $75 RAVE Valves complete and in good usable condition $45 Complete jet pump unit with impeller and all(needs a wear ring installed before use). I haven't tested for water tight integrity but it looks to be. I can ship with the impeller still in or removed and the old wear ring removed for you if need be. That way you just slap a new ring in and go. $150 Hood bracket and shock with mounting bolts. $50

    Lots and lots of other stuff including engine, cables, electrical wiring, etc that I have. If your in need of anything at all I'll make you a good deal on parts if you'll let me know what ya need. I have two complete units that I'm breaking down
    I have pics of lots of other parts and can text them to you if needed.

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    The question was asked why the skis were being parted out. Basically I bought the set for the double trailer they were setting on and thought maybe I could make one working ski from the two but both have bad mpems and the one I would have fixed has low compression on one cylinder. With that being said, I would be replacing the MPEM, an engine and who knows what else and honestly I don't have a need for the skis since I have two others that are already going. So giving the situation, I decided to just break them down and sell the parts rather than fix and sell the one ski as a working unit.

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