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    Unhappy Engine Oil Belching out of Valve Cover Breather '04 STX LTD w/ SC

    I have replaced both scavenge oil pump and main oil pump and the pressure regulator (in PTO cover), as well. When I start my GTX initially I show good oil pressure (attached gauge at head) then after 30 seconds or a minute oil belches out of the valve cover breather hose ( I disconnected hose at oil separator end to check what was going on) and I get an oil fault and the head pressure gauge drops off. Also, even with 5- 1/2 qt oil in the engine, the dipstick shows no oil at this point. Anybody got any idea what might be going on? I'm about ready to consult Sherlock Holmes on this!

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    What it seems like to me is your not draining your oil back properly or to the "extreme" blowby. The reason it starts with good oil pressure is because you have oil, then once your oil is depleted it's not returning Fast enough, therefore loosing prime and oil pressure. Things to look for, proper crank case ventilation, Make sure your oil return is clear of any obstruction, or wors Blow By.

    Have you performed a Leak Down Test On the Motor?

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    Haven't done leak down test but did compression test and got around 125 PSI per cylinder.

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    Your compression #s are good.

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