Who: James “Jimmy” Wilson
Age: 24
Hometown: Hebron, Ohio
Years Riding: 20
Years Racing: 9 years
Classes You Race: Pro-Am Ski Stock, Pro-Am Ski GP, Pro Ski Open
Skis(s) of Choice: Trinity Composites Vector V-Drive
Other Interests: BMX, MTB and fire fighting.

The Watercraft Journal: My first question for you Jimmy, is how did you get involved in jet skiing?

Jimmy Wilson: My parents raced in the late 80′s and early 90′s. My father owned a jet ski shop as I was growing up and I used to go work on skis with him there. I didn’t think that this would lead to me racing with the best stand up riders in the world.

WCJ: I understand that you have won a Novice Ski Limited World Championship, what did it take for you to get there? Can you describe how it felt when you knew you had won?

JW: I won the Novice Ski Limited World Title in 2006. I was still in high school and honestly didn’t realize the magnitude of what I had done. I fell in the first turn, got back on the ski and came down the front stretch inside the Top 10. I battled my way back to win the moto and the 2006 Novice Ski Limited World Title.

WCJ: What do you have cooking for the 2014 season?

JW: My goals for 2014 are to win! I think my racing program is better than it has ever been before. We are looking forward to trying to win a National Title and I’m aiming to get on the podium at the World Finals in October.

WCJ: How do you train to hold on to those fast Judge Motorsports-built skis?

JW: I’ve never had skis that ran like his, so I’ve had to learn new ways to train. I do a lot of running and mountain biking, plus some cross fit-style training. I try to ride once or twice a week. I wish I could ride more but it just doesn’t work out that way.

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