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    First time buyer advice needed

    I'm looking to buy two 2014 FX cruiser HO machines in central Florida. I live on a lake so no trailer is needed. I'm new to the watercraft buying process and I'm seeking some advice. I spoke with 2 different dealers in my area so far and one charges 1K and the other 1.2K in dealer fees. I never pay dealer fees or add-ons when buying a car but I don't know if this is common or expected when it comes to buying skis.

    Also, how much below MSRP on those machines would be considered a fair offer? I quickly discovered that the high pressure sales tactics routinely found in the car buying world are pretty much the same when buying boats/skis. I hate the process and just want to know what those of you with experience can recommend.

    I would think that 2K or so off MSRP would be a more than fair offer, but when you add in the 1K plus dealer fess I'm right back to essentially paying sticker. Advice needed badly...

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    My advise is not to use a dealership..
    Check craigslist and try to find 1 owner skis.

    Welcome aboard the Hulk.

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    If your buying 2 ski's, they will deal with you. The trick is to go in with a set price offer and be willing to get in your car and leave if they dont make a very reasonable counter.
    Also remember that cash talks loudly.

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    If I were getting into a new ski first and foremost I would go after The SVHO It made my purchase that much more pleasurable. Where In Florida are You?
    Also Things Depend on where they price the ski's If you go Under MSRP The Dealer is got to add Dealer Fees to make a profit.

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    Last year, I got my pair of '13 FX HOs for $23,600 from a dealer in North Carolina. It was then about $1800 in taxes here in Louisiana, so $25,400. And an additional $2K for a Triton Elite trailer. That was the best deal I could get late last May. Oh, and that included 5 years of Y.E.S. warranty.

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