This forum has been alot of help. Great input especially from Sean. Most people have a problem and solve it with the help of this forum but do not report back on their fix and techniques for fixing. So stop complaining (me) and report back. Since the starter is behind the intake manifold and imo is impossible to reach I removed the manifold. The hard part is you have to remove the studs (4) to remove the manifold. I accomplished this by jamming two nuts together and backing out the studs. Normally you can pull the manifold out by pulling it toward the rear of the hull and lift it out by tilting the rear of the manifold. In my case I could not do that because i installed a pressure gauge and a pump switch to prime the fuel system after sitting for a while. Saves the starter as it kicks over immediately. I had to move the manifold forward and back to gain access to the starter. Remember to sand down the base plate where the starter installs for a good ground. If you dont have a good ground you could have power problems. Lining up the gear took several attempts by hand turning the starter gear. Next problem is replacing an intermittent bendix. Suggestions requested in a separate thread. Thanks again John