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    Trim position for top speed

    Where does everyone have the trim pointed for top speed? I get my best reasons just above half way

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    Usually Top Up for best top speed cuz less drag from ski hull to water! If you start to feel intake grate unhook than trim down a little!

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    It all depends on mods and which ski you are talking about.

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    Depends on water, wind conditions, how much you weigh, the speeds your ski is capable of depending on performance mods, and how much your fuel load is. But as a starting point MY SKI likes 2 clicks below 100% which is also 2 clicks above 50%. As your fuel load gets down to 1-3 bars, which is normally top speed you will have to lower the trim to keep the ski from porpoising. So like everything else on this site, it depends.

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    Trim to max rpms

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