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    Bone stock, out of the box limits.....?

    I'm wondering what the limits were, factory set, for my ski when it was bone stock straight off the production line. (it's a USA spec ski).

    Am I correct in saying 8040rpm?

    As for max speed limit (based on internal GPS data, thus showing on dash) 67mph?

    If these are correct, why do Riva say on their www that the 67mph is at 7800rpm, is this correct?

    Just a bit confused and want to know where the ski started from.


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    What is your question... 67 on stock 260rxt as is a little high..don't trust the internal gps...SEA DOO managed to to have "optimistic" readings even with gps. The above ski should be around 61-62 mph.

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    My question is 'what is the factory speed limiter set at'? Not how fast do you think it may go in stock form. I think the speed limiter level is agreed with the US Coast Gaurd, irrespective of whether or not the machine can actually achieve that speed.

    The second part is to do with the rpm limiter programmed into the stock ECU by BRP during production. What is the max RPM before the ECU holds back the ignition etc?

    Finally, why do Riva claim a factory top speed of 67mph at only 7800RPM, when surely if the craft is capable of turning 8040RPM in factory spec then the top speed shoukd come at this level if revs??

    i just need someone to clarify the factory set values.

    To muddy the water further it also has a boost limiter too!!!

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    put a vtech flash in your ski and never have to worry about the limiters
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    depending on current and wind you can turn 7800 rpms and hit a max speed of 68 mph in STOCK form..

    the rev limiter is set to 8040 (torque limit).. with a max of around 8140-60

    most of the time the ski will turn up just slightly past the 8040 limit and them slowly close the throttle blade ( even though your throttle is pegged ),
    and limit you ski to 68 mph as well as boost level to keep the ski around 8 psi of boost.

    I put in a VTech tune and noticed a night and day difference in acceleration..
    the ski would PULL all the way til it couldn't any more.. which was around 8240-80 ( top speed 70-72mph) rpm depending on conditions (IN STOCK FORM)..
    it didn't matter on wind or current..

    stock the ski will hit the speed limiter going with any type of "river" current.. and will stay at 68 ish mph and slowly lower your rpms i've seen as low as 7600 and still maintain 68 mph..

    I have seen my ski (prior to flashing) run against the current and pull way from a friend the entire time,
    2 min later we would do the same run going with the current and he would pace me the entire time..

    best bang for the buck..

    REFLASH the ski with a tune..
    removes , speed limiter, boost limiter, and raises RPM limiter

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    don't forget if you need to take it back to the dealer you can just put the stock tune back in
    there are no extra parts to remove

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    Read post #1 here

    This was in reference to RIVA SCOM paper weight but explains very clearly the STOCK ECU limits!!

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    That's exactly the info I needed, cheers.

    My plan is to Vtech 8375, retainers n springs, Vtech logger with exhaust tap for O2 and RRFPR but without RR for now just 58psi flat. Later I'll change injectors to 1000's, upgrade SC wheel and take the a new map. Prop pitch tweak also.

    I only got the ski right at the end of last season, so only rode for a couple of hours before winter storage. Now have started mods, but have no base data, that's why I asked.

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    I have a question ; everyone says oh dealer will no rpm limit etc etc.

    The the first hour on my ski I had something get stuck on the impeller and the ski bounced to 8200-8300 rpm. Obv very briefly. I let out and removed the debris. What's the difference in my ecu showing that as max rpm vs a tune max rpm.

    Basically if i took the ski in right now it would show almost 8300 rpm on a bone stock ski with 4 hrs on the clock (at that time 1 hr)

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    the ecu keeps track how long (%) your at max rpms, so a few seconds is nothing

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