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    '08 or '07 Motor ID and Fuel Tank Vent Question

    So late last year I bought an '07 RXT which was upgraded with RXT-X parts from sellers friends damaged '08 RXT-X ski that was declared salvage by insurance company due to hull damage. The ski runs GREAT (I've had an RXP that I upgraded and this is way faster). The guy I bought it from did not speak english well but most everything from an RXT-X is in this ski. Handlebars, instruments, ECU, intercooler, x-charger, motor intake and cold air, entire VTS system, pump, impeller, even the gas tank. I am doing lots of upgrades and have some questions.

    1) Is there anyway to identify the block year? If this is the RXT-X '08 block then the oiling system for the new supercharger will be better.

    2) The '08 gas tank has a vent line that has a red plug but looks like a factory clamp securing it. So essentially no venting. Is this normal? The parts diagrams show a vent line with check valves. Installing a DW65C pump and want to make sure fuel tank is OK.

    Thanks in advance with any info.
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    So there is no external way (visually or serial numbers) to tell and '07 from an '08 motor in the jetski?

    And everyone does or does not have a fuel tank vent ('08 specifically)?


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    There is a tag on the front of the motor with MFG date. Either the tank has its own vent line or the fill cap is vented.

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    My 08 GTI also has the fuel tank vent port and parts diagrams show it, but it's not used; same as the battery vent. There is a sticker near the gas cap that states something about "only use vented gas caps". I'm assuming that replaced the vent line.

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    Thanks for the info. Will check it out.

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