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    How hot should the fuji 780 get?

    I just took my 97 polaris slt 780, and my 94 Seadoo spx out for the first time. Both ran great. The Fuji ran good I did the heat and water inspection periodically and the motor was warm to hot . I could put my hand on it and leave it there for 3-5 seconds nothing to unbearable to touch but a semi warm. Kind of expecting that until I checked the Seadoo and it had very little heat on it.the runs were the same speed and time.

    Anyone verify that these motors do run a little warm or should it be bearly warm to the touch.

    Fyi if it weren't for the slight bit of heat I felt on the Seadoo I would of considered it to be cold to the touch.

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    If you can hold your hand on the Polaris engine and exhaust surfaces for a few seconds without burning yourself, that is about right.

    The thermostat opens circa 140F (going from memory) to give you an idea of how warm it should run.

    I am not familiar with the older SeaDoo but it sounds like the SeaDoo is running rather cold. Has the cooling system on the SeaDoo been modified?

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    I'm not sure I just purchased these toys recently. but if it has the thermostat is probably stuck open or missing. I was not aware that these machines even had thermostats so this gives me a good place to start on where to look thanks.

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    3-5seconds is fine.. 152 is about the hottest youll see with a infra red thermometer. Thats at the exhaust manifold exits. The rest will vary from 104 to 140ish. Its all.good. if you see steam have issues. (Like water splashing on the engine as you ride). Lift the sat and see steam. You have cooling issues. I seen it get so hot that the head turned black. Now thats hot. .

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    I've read that the Seadoo doesn't have a thermostat. Sorry not a Seadoo forum but just trying to be thorough

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    The harbor Freight infrared temp guns are super cheap on sale. Hopefully the seadoo has a thermostat? If you don't have one on outboards the low idle temps will carbon up the rings and eventually a ring will catch a port and score the cylinder.
    The thermostat is really only in effect at idle and a bit above idle. After that a "pop off" valve just lets the water flow by passing the thermostat.

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    I'll check the Web some more but I the page I found said the Seadoo has a temp sensor and that's it no thermostat. My knowledge of these things is just beginning so I could be wrong.

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