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    1999 Riva Yamaha GP1200R3 triple pipe only 25hrs $4000

    This is one of only 50 skis built by riva. Everything on it is as it was done by Riva other than the cooling hoses and stainless T-bar clamps which I upgraded.

    Some of the Riva factory upgrades include:
    Ported 65U block wih welded crank
    Factory Pipe triple pipes
    primer and flame arrestors
    Riva blue anodized girdled head
    44 carbs are bored to 46-
    riva cdi
    riva sponsons

    Runs 32:1 premix and will hit just over 70mph.

    I bought this ski a couple years ago and slowly rebuilt it with new pipes, hoses, and top end. I was able to ride it a few times before I was shipped out of the country and it is crazy fast and handles like a dream. I really never have the time to ride it so I am passing it on.

    For some reason on the last ride the center spark plug blew out. When I got it home I checked compression and it was abou 20psi lower in that cylinder so I am thinking some pices of plug may have scored the cylinder wall. Othe cylinders are at about 158psi.

    As of now I am selling as is due to being out of the country. It is sitting under a cover and with a trickle charger. It will fire and will run as is but to be perfect it will need that center cylinder freshened up. Price as is $4000. I will post some pics as soon as I can.

    Condition overall is an 8 out of 10. Has some small scratches near the front area, and the original hydroturf needs to be reglued in some places. This ski would not be too far off from being musuem quality. At 25hrs is still very much like new.

    Will include a single trailer....trailer will need a light kit to be street legal. PM me if interested I can arrange for someone to show it.

    Located in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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    A few pics...this is all I have on my laptop for now. Additionally it will come with jet tribe cover. I also have many GP1200 spares including a complete stock 65U engine.

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    Still for sale. Lots of top factory Riva upgrades on this ski you can't modify an existing GP1200 for this price.

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