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    1999 Riva GP1200R triple pipe for sale

    After much thought I decided to sell the Riva Gp1200R. I just don't have the time to play with it. After having it for 2 years it only was ridden a few times. So I am letting it go and probably staying out of the watercraft game for a while.

    Here is the link to the ad. I figured I would post here as in my opinion this is the ultimate old school Yamaha watercraft.

    I spent alot of time getting the right replacement pipes and upgraded he clamps and hoses. Previous owner must have overheated it as many of the cooling lines were blocked and the pipes were leaking.

    The original pipes were all pressure tested by factory pipe and the leaking ones were replaced.

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    I thought there would be more interest in this ski. I am not in a huge hurry to sell as I am not even in the country till June but will consider any offers. Lots of really great parts in this ski. It would cost way more to mod a regular gp1200.

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