This weekend I attended the Poquoson Kiwanis Club's first Fishing and Boating Flea Market, they had at least 600 people show up I am told. Great for a first time and for a worthy fundraising cause here in my home town. I bought some minnow buckets a cast net and an Eagle Sounder/GPS for $20, I got it for my brother who had paid $400 for the same unit a couple years ago. I had a great time and ate too much, Brunswick stew, hot dog and homemade brownies that they had for sale.

I also got to watch the Osprey and Bald Eagles around my house start their aerial turf wars. They were going at it most of the day Saturday. Had a real pretty full moon with clear skies on Saturday. Today is NE 30 knots 34 degrees with rain and sleet aging.
Here are a couple pictures from this weekend.