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    Video: Watch Travis Pastrana Try His Hand at Standup Ski Racing

    Many of us would like to use motocross as the measuring stick to compare professional jet ski racing. Although the “big show” has seemed to have drifted away from our sport, there’s still many of us who still ardently believe that the best days are still ahead of us. That being said, we’ll happily take any opportunity we have to blur the lines between the two sports.

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    Travis is a good dude. What a life he has been blessed with. You always hear story's of guys riding at tracks not far from his house in md and him just hanging and bull shitting with random people. Someone like him needs to get to a "freeride" or out on the coast during a hurricane with us and he would have a barn dedicated to jet skis

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    Best all around driver/rider with anything that has a motor ever IMHO

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