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    94 SLT 750 that keeps cutting out at full throttle...

    Ok guys, I completed my first full season last summer with two used Polaris skis that I bought. The 94 SLT 750 was having some problems cutting out while I was running it. I took it in to the local Polaris shop and had them clean the carb out, which helped a little bit. Now, when I run it up to full throttle or close to it, it will cut out. I will have to let go of the throttle and re-engage it to continue moving. Trying to get this fixed before I take it out for the first time this year, in a month or so. Any ideas? Trying to make sure that this ski and my 97 SL 1050 are reliable, as my wife and children will be riding them. Suggestions? I'm in the process or replacing the stator and CDI in the 97 right now. Let me know.

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    Should start with going thru the fuel system, heres a link to some very helpful info

    Change out all the fuel lines if it still has the grey ones on it, you will also need to go thru all 3 carbs if the grey lines are still there. Upgrade to a triple outlet fuel pump if it doesnt already have one. That link goes into detail on how to do these things and more.

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    For the SLT 750 - You won't have the gray lines, but change them all out anyway. Pull out the fuel sender and make sure the fuel lines are intact, and the at the screens at the ends of the lines are still connected. Rebuild your cabs using genuine Mikuni carb kits. Check your tank venting to ensure it is operational. Make sure the jets and needles are set to factory settings. Ensure the return line restrictor is installed. Clean, check, repair, replace the fuel select valve. If it is cutting out at high speeds, you have one or more of the above fuel related issues. I would perform all of this required maintenance on a 20 year old ski......

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    Thanks, guys. Those are great ideas. I'm going to start checking those things out, one at a time. Any potential leads for me on where I might be able to pick up the updated stator and CDI for my other 97 Polaris SL1050, where it won't break the bank? I've found the kit for $550-$600, but was really hoping to find it in the $400 range or find a used stator & CDI for even cheaper.

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