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    Gallery: Pismo Beach Spring Break Freeride 2014

    This past weekend was the annual Pismo Spring Break Freeride in Pismo Beach, California. There was an awesome turnout this year with lots of new and familiar faces showing up to get in on the action.

    We were fairly blessed this year with predominately good weather and more importantly, some pretty good waves; a constant break of overhead-to-occasional double overhead nasty Pismo-style close outs. Which is great for Pismo!

    The best waves are always early in the morning, then it gets blown out and you’re left with big lumpy washing machine-style monsters. So the action kicks off early in the AM. You’re awoken by skis firing up and people cheering the riders from the beach.

    The waves were claiming victims all weekend this year, with several sunken skis. One ski was lost for 22 hours and another is still missing.

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    Great article. Looks like cali's where it's at!!!!!

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