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    Moving Throttle from Right Side to Left Side

    I'm trying to help a gentleman that has had a stroke and lost strength in his right hand. He can no longer use a right side throttle either finger or thumb pull. Does anyone know of a way to move the throttle on a Yamaha FX 140 from the right to left side?

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    I would think you could get an aftermarket throttle and have a machist modify the mount portion of it so you can put it on the left side. Most aftermarket triggers are slimmer in design than the OEM, so it should work.
    I would think it would take a little work, but it could be done.

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    I've done this on a Polaris for a friend of mine whose right wrist has CTS. It was just a matter of relocating the controls from each side over to the other. I imagine the Yami is no different. You will need to drill some locating holes for the controls.

    Dont think you'll need anything to do it.

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    hey could always use a finger throttle on the left like I do my sled, I think its made by Kinetics. On the sled you have to be carefull not to hit it when youre looking for brakes-especially when the nitrous is on -------Proflow

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