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    No-Ox for marine electrical connections

    Most big box electrical departments have No-Ox in stock. The original purpose for this 'electrical grease' was to eliminate oxidation of aluminum wire connections with twist-on wire connectors.

    No-Ox was found to work great for any outdoor connection including copper and tinned crimp-on fittings. It also prevents corrosion inside electrical connections while preventing moisture entry.
    As with most everything I wouldn't suggest using a high-pressure washer on electrical connections.

    If your electrical connections are starting to look dull here's a tip to make them shine like new, pour some CLR lime and rust remover in a cup big enough to just submerge the contacts in. Let it work for 30 seconds then rinse with baking soda and water to stop the reaction. If still not cleaned repeat.

    Once you are happy with the connector spray some 90% rubbing alcohol on to remove any baking soda and to speed drying, then No-Ox them.

    For battery terminal connectors it does a super job, just remember to No-Ox them or you'll be doing it over and over.

    The best thing is no disassembly of the multi-pin connectors, no worries about damaging plastic housings, it's quick and easy, and only cost pennies to clean every connector on your ski. Gloves may be needed if you are sensitive to mild acids, but I just put a small amount of water/baking soda solution on which stops the mild acid burn.

    When working on AF radar platforms we often used this to clean numerous Cannon Connectors exposed to elements. It was fast and sure beat using Freon contact cleaner which cooled and cause moisture to condense on the contact pins. We always carried a can of Freon just to show a supervisor we were following the book, then went back to CLR which did a heck of a better job.
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