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    Jet ski rental (for MIAMI to BAHAMAS trip)

    Im not from USA.
    Regular rental seems out of question.

    Where could i get jet skis for this trip (ca 10days).

    3-4 jets needed
    Where should i look. Capable jets
    or do anybody knows anybody....

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    I am one of the (very) few ski rental companies in south Florida that even posses the legitimate insurance that would allow for unguided rentals like you are requesting. However, insurance laws and well...common sence would prevent anyone from renting you a ski to make a crossing like that.... sorry bud, not gunna happen.

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    It's a second free misdemeanor to illegally renting skis without proper insurance. The renter will face jail time and if you knowingly rented skis without proper paperwork, you can be liable as well... it's a cool idea, everyone wants to make that trip, but you'd seriously need to think about this question you are asking and ask yourself, "why the hell would any legitimate company or mentally sound human being let me take their jet skis to an entirely different country"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanel View Post
    I'm not from USA.

    Regular rental seems out of question.

    Where could i get jet skis for this trip (ca 10 days).

    3-4 jets needed

    Where should i look? ....
    How much money are you willing to put into this?

    If you are willing to spend thousands of dollars, there may be someone who would sell you several watercraft with a buy back agreement. The up front cost would be huge, of course.

    You would need to also purchase insurance as needed.

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    One of the guys in our group found an almost new Yamaha for the trip by checking out Craig's List. It was a retired cop who rented out his ski when he wasn't using it. It had quite a bit of cosmetic damage for such a new ski, but I guess he expected it to get beat up.

    I'll try to get you more info.

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    im was thinking of buyng jets and later selling them
    I know its gonna cost some money.

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