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    Got my First Ski, an ULTRA 150, HERE WE GO!!

    Whats up, after months of doing my homework, asking dumb questions on here, and searching for the right one for sale my search has ended!! I bought my first pwc. I believe i got a good deal, but only time will tell. It is a 2002 ultra, blue, with only 76hours, and it came with a 02' trailer in great shape...$2000. I have a couple questions now and would like to get some opinions. I plan on putting in new spark plugs, cleaning/rebuilding the carbs, putting in new oil lines and fuel lines, and rebuilding the pump.
    Now does anything else stick out that I should do for preventative maintenance that is Not a mod, like grate and pissers? My thought is I could get in the habit of doing plugs and carbs every year. And pump and lines every other year. It seems like yearly plugs and carbs make sense but how often should I be Rebuilding the pump, i hear they wear quick on the ultra but how often is quick? And does the end cone take grease? How often do you guys change out lines? AND I KNOW this might sound crazy but should i check the reed valves or get in the habit of replacing them? OR, are the reeds more of "they'll let you know when they are bad?" Last Question, oil pump, should i do anything or replace it at a certain hour??
    Sorry for the huge amount of questions and Thanks for any help i might get for i AM PUMPED UP!! ohh can anyone post or link me to a video of the pump rebuild on the ultra? i only seem to find seadoo pump rebuilds on the tube, should be the same??

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    Congrats on the purchase!!!
    Just from reading your thread you doooo sound pumped up...

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    I dont see why you would need to rebuild carbs every year. My best advice is to run ethanol free fuel if at all possible. Your carbs will thank you for it.

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    Spark plugs every year is a must!

    Your not going to have to clean the carbs every year. Since its a new to you ski i would deff take them apart and go through them. Just be careful when taking the slids out, the diaphragms have to be seated correctly. There is a trick i use to achieve it and it only includes alittle super glue.

    Replace all fuel lines and oil lines is a must! the oil lines are known for cracking and leaking. I replace the stock fuel filter with a nice inline one and replace it every year.

    Oil pump, just leave it alone! Mix an extra 1 ounce per gallon in the fuel when you fill up!

    Ok the pumps are a different story, after every season i pull the pumps off my skis and inspect, spin all that good stuff. I have found i normally get about 80 hours out of the life. I dont know what you mean by the tail cone taking grease? all the bearings in the pump are sealed and are not serviceable. The hardest part of rebuilding that hole pump is getting that damn tail cone off. Remember to only use the rebuild kit from an 03-05 ultra, it has an added seal.

    Once i get my extra pump back from a friend, i will make a tutorial on how to rebuild from start to finish.

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    Congratulations! Sounds like a good deal to me!

    No need to rebuild the carbs all the time. You might do it now, but there is certainly no reason to do them every year. Maybe every 5 years, if you're anal about it. Definitely do the oil lines now and use polyurethane hose. Should be good for about 10 years. I clean my spark plugs annually, I don't replace them.

    One thing you need to do it remove the electronic display and seal the rubber plug on the back with 3M 5200. The rubber seal is now hard and brittle and won't seal properly. When you flip the 'Ski, you'll ruin it if you don't address this now.

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    Hey thanks for some info guys. I remember hearing some end cones take grease or oil. Some seadoos I know have a grease fitting, does this ring a bell for the ultra or no? And I thought the whole part of rebuilding the pump is putting in new bearings? So they should be able to get to right? Or am I missing something? Take it apart put in new bearings, close it up. The sbt rebuild kit comes with new bearings? So it should work?

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    Sbt and ultra 150 do not mix! Stay away from sbt! I can highly recommend wsm parts. Wsm makes a rebuild kit for the ultra.

    No greats fitting at all on these pumps. You will be able to get to the bearings only need a bench press And a vice.

    If you look on the forums at you can find a repair manual, and tons of info on the 150. Only advice I have is to not to business with steve at skiworx, his customer service is horrible.

    Also another recommendation is to install a tripple pisser kit so you can monitor the cooling of all 3 cylinders.

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    and dont forget to monitor compression, ever a cylinder starts dying out better to catch it, as you dont want to see what happens if that 1200 Blows.

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    Alright, nice you got yourself a great deal, 76 hours is very low and the ski shouldn't have too much wear in it yet, although it is 10+ years old.

    I recommend you change the spark plugs every season (you'll know they're going bad when the ski starts to hesistate and bog when you press on the throttle).

    As for oil lines and fuel lines, change them now and then you don't have to worry about that for a long time. I reccomend using premium fuel so your carbs last longer and the ski performs better. As for your trailer make sure the bearings are nice and oiled (you can find tutorials online).

    Seriously take care of the ski and enjoy it also try doing some mods, the Ultra 150 ski is a fast ski once moded and also a fun hull to ride on.

    Have a great summer!

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