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    What are the best methods/products for treating corossion?

    I started on removing the s/c today and I noticed there is a lot more corossion than I anticipated. It does not seem bad as most of it is surface corrosion, I did not see any bolts or connections rusted all the way through but there was A LOT of corrosion around the s/c on the outlet side that goes to the throttle body and it had worked its way inside the throttle body tube and caked up all over the s/c.

    The previous owner bought the ski new and used it in salt water only its entire life so I expected corossion so now I am just looking to clean it all up and stop it from spreading.

    I already have some CRC 6-56 on the way and I will be using liquid wrench on all the bolts.

    Can I clean it up with dish soap and brushes? Or do I need some product?

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    Bumping cause I think I'm going to buying a machine with similar corrosion, and want to know the answer

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    I have a buddy who's rxt's entire life has been on a freshwater lake and his looks almost as bad as yours. He never listens to me when I tell him to take his seat off so all the condensation in the hull can evaporate. He just throws it up on a lift and throws on the cover.
    Whenever I ride in salt I hose down my engine and leave the seat off so as much moisture can evaporate as possible. Then the next morning or when most of the moisture has dried up I spray the engine down with sea doo xps lube.
    I'd use something like simple green to scrub the corrosion off. Def soak whatever bolts you want to remove with penetrating oil. It's way easier to prevent corrosion than to deal with it after the fact. I'd also change any hose clamps that look like the one going to you t-stat housing.

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