The Watercraft Journal: Kevin, we’re glad we can finally get a chance to talk. You’re quite the globetrotter. Last we heard you were living on a sailboat in Oceanside, right? Before that, weren’t you living in Australia?

Kevin Rickon: The last few years I have been living a very nomadic lifestyle. Other than a handful of items and clothing (enough to fill up a single suitcase), I do not own much anything else. My current life on a boat in San Diego has been great. I’ve always been around boats and living on one has just made my life a living dream. Joey Kenney lives on his 36-foot Chris Craft next to me and we share stories of sailing adventures, surfing, the freeride lifestyle and how important it is to do what you love. He has been a great friend to me this last year and has made my time at the marina much more enjoyable.

I really enjoyed my time in Australia. For 9 months I was the manager at Worx Racing Components. And oh man! Was that an experience! It was at Worx Racing that I really took my first role at managing a small business. On top of that, I managed the company through the exchange of new owners, which entails a lot. Because of the exchange of hands, the business moved several hundred kilometers south into a different state. I moved from Queensland to New South Whales. Before the shop was fully moved out, I drove across the border to the old Queensland office three times a week to hand make the sponsons for the new orders. I was relieved when the equipment finally moved to the new shop!

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