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    Who says a FZR isnt good in rough water has never been in rough water!

    This is a typical day off for me in Aruba! Watch in HD and enjoy!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    man thats crazy...hows your back? any cracks anywhere? nice vid....

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    It isn't good in the rough... It jumping out of the water the entire time.. Shit is annoying

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    It's looks like a beautiful dolphin with a 1.8 strapped to its fin... Hopefully there's something wearing a white bikini on the back. Looks fun.

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    i hope you have pump tunnel reinforcement in it or your going to end up blowing the tunnel out !!

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    You are in some serious water there Sailor; even a 30 foot Scarab would be bouncing around pretty good out there. And you are going at a pretty good clip in spots, but I agree with what's been said already. That kind of water is hard on Back, Boat, Clutch, Hull, Knees (did I miss anything?).

    Thank you for Posting, it was interesting to watch. JB

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    A few things though that water is real rough...

    Did you trim down to get a little less bowrise keeping more boat in the water?..
    Does Worx make an offshore rideplate for the FZR tracking better in the rough?

    Heres something I notice,NO RIDING GLOVES!!!! Not even half finger ones ?
    Dont give a shit how warm Aruba is , that grip is linkage between you and your face and body upside down in those 7-10 ft waves

    Pleeeze don't tell us you were wearing flip flops?

    im just sayin..looks like your havin fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldschool69 View Post
    man thats crazy...hows your back? any cracks anywhere? nice vid....
    That was my first reaction-that hull isn't going to take a lot of that abuse. I actually found my FZ to be quite predictable in waves but I never rode in anything that rough.

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    That's what we ride in now try that in turbo Mode!!! No canals or back road rivers. On a lighter note I will not be abusing my new ski Out in those Condition's I will get me a hooptie!!

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