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    Hello racers please read!

    Guys, I received the following PM from Rossnemo some time during the night and felt the need to explain my position publicly on why you have not seen me at a race.

    Until you guys walk a day in my shoes you do not know how extremely busy I stay. Those close to me who are forum members can attest to this. My life is dedicated to this forum and to my customers. I have very little free time. I do not get a real vacation. My vacations spent with my family always entail me working every day, including weekends while I'm on vacation. I simply cannot afford the time to take a single day off... I even work Christmas day. If I let one day go by without working then I will never get caught back up the next day.

    I receive HUNDREDS of emails a day. If I don't tend to those hundreds of emails today, then I have double to deal with tomorrow.... and I simply won't get caught up, and late responses to my customers are totally against what I work so hard for. Customer service is NUMBER ONE to me!

    That said guys, as much as I would like to attend every race and hang out with everyone, I simply cannot afford the time. I am not a RIVA. I do not have 100 employees that can handle things for me while I'm gone. I am a three man show.... well, two men one woman

    Previously I had Josh working for me and I sent him to all the races. Josh has since moved on to a better job opportunity and I am left manning the fort, along with a guy I hired to help me and my wife. He's come a long way, but nowhere near the benefit Josh was to me.

    I do all I can to support you racers and I do that with sponsorship. I have spent tens of thousands in dollars in sponsorship money over the last two years to help sponsor a venue for you guys to go and race. My apologies for not being able to personally be there at the races cheering you on. Just know that I'm behind you guys and do all I can.

    I often have people asking me why I don't attend races. Now you know. I hope this sheds some light on things and I hope you understand.


    Quote Originally Posted by rossnemo
    Hey Jerry how are you?
    Planning on making it to Morgan City in May to see what I can do there. Hoping for calm water like most are.
    The sport is growing but not without pains. I have been through some myself as you know with the rules but I remain constant in my love for the sport.
    Mike Young has to deal with a lot of bullshit from the IJSBA, and they have been making life kinda tough on him and the racers in several ways. He takes a lot of heat for things that are not his fault.
    I just read your remark about information being on facebook more than your forum and I understand it is frustrating, but facebook is what it is and that's where everyone has gravitated too.
    On the flip side of the coin I have wondered many times why I go to these races and now see nobody there representing Greenhulk.
    Previously Josh was there, which was just ok, but Jerry everyone wants to see YOU there. YOU are the MAN! And I have yet to see you at even ONE race! This has always made me feel like you weren't really as into it as you say you are.
    My feelings are mutual between many racers also. Everybody always wonders why the hell Jerry never fucking shows up at any races.
    It is my opinion that if you would show up at at least SOME of these events, people would take you a little more seriously, and it would benefit you, your store, the sport and every facet of the racing series.
    I feel I am taking a risk of pissing you off by telling you this but what I say is the truth, and is the general consensus of everybody who races at the Hydrodrags.
    I feel that if you would show up, set up a Greenhulk tent, meet the racers, hang out with us, and truly be a part of it that it would change everything.
    Jerry you are a great guy, very smart and savvy businessman and have done very well, and I sincerely hope that me speaking my mind here doesn't do any damage to our friendship, but I feel compelled to not be politically correct like most people try to be to you, and just tell you the way it really is.
    What I am giving you is the inside scoop, which nobody else has the balls to tell you.
    I have never missed even one hydrodrag event since its conception in 2008, and will continue to attempt to go to every one I possibly can in the future.
    I would hope that your continued sponsorship would be complimented with your appearances at some of these future events, besides the one in your hometown, of course youll be there, which makes your appearance there not really count.
    Remember when you flew into tampa in 2007 to go to a little outlaw race we threw together here in Tampa? Because you were here, it was awesome.
    I am a firm believer that your presence at these races will stimulate your forum, the sport, your store, and will help give this sport the shot in the arm it so desperately needs.
    Cmon Jerry, if you wanna beat Facebook, then stand up and fight Facebook.
    Quite simply, Title Sponsors always attend the events they sponsor.
    Don't be a vacant Title Sponsor.
    Dave Bamdas has never missed a Riva World Finals Hydrodrag event in Polk City.
    Hang out with us and physically be a part of it. Race with us during the day, and party with us at night.
    Get your pictures in Pro Rider Mag and multiple others worldwide.
    You will be glad you did, and the sport will explode with activity, but it will take you to create that leading role that you are so good at.
    My goal here is to enlighten you and inspire you and to be real, as a friend should be to a friend.
    With all due respect Jerry, we NEED YOU! You are THE MAN!

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    I would like to add a little something here. Being not only a moderator on this forum I am a personal friend of Jerry and live very close to him and spend time with him while not offshore. My friendship with Jerry did not begin by meeting up in a bar or some other type of social gathering. I met him just as all of you through the forum. This was back when the business was just really getting rolling and this forum had a small fraction of the members it has now. As both grew so did Jerry's workload and dedication to treating every member and customer as his only one. I know there may have been snags along the way but I can give all of you my word and Josh can attest to this also that the smallest snag bothers Jerry as itf it was something huge to his best customer. I have been trying to get Jerry to take a break and come down to my camp on Grand Isle and come do some offshore fishing with me since I met him. This is even something that his entire family can come and enjoy. He is so dedicated to everyone as members and customers that he has not been able to go down there and just do something this simple. Jerry's life has just little breaks and what seems like little naps. When I am working nights it is not uncommon to get a text or email from him in the middle of the night asking something about a part or modification and then I see him up in a few hours back working. His entire life is PWC and it does consume him and his life both personally and professionally. He fortunately has a wonderful family and friends that understand his dedication and while we do not get to spend the time with him we would like to he has all of our respect for all he devotes to what he has grown and
    As far as the sport, trust me when I say he does not like that he can not make every single event related to this sport. Every time I was heading out to a race when he would say "I wish I was going with you" that was a sincere statement. I know for a fact that if there was the slightest chance for him to make the events he would be there. We just have to realize that he does have a wife and two young boys that are at the ages where daddy time is needed. Yes they love PWCs as much as Jerry but they are young boys and there is more to life than this. They do not completely understand why daddy stays at work so much when they want to go fish, play ball or anything else that they want to do. His wife wants to have a relationship with her husband beyond only communicating with him through email because she knows he will answer that right away. ***OK I made that part up*** He is extremely close with his parents and needs to spend time with them also. Any of you that have met them know how awesome they are.
    While this forum, store and races are very important so is his family and I think all of you can understand the little bit of free time he does get he needs to spend it with his family.
    I guess what I am trying to say in a nutshell is not only the races but everything involved with the sport, forum, or store is a top priority with him but so is his family. We do not realize how much is on his plate until I saw him open his email first thing in the morning and check orders. I honestly did not see how they did it with Josh also there but they did through their dedication. Even josh was working until Midnight then back at work at 8. Trust me when I say I know Jerry would be at every race and take every weekend off if he could but can we as friends, members, customers, racers or however we are involved with him ask him to not work so hard for us or don't spend time with his family? No I can't either. If he did that we would then complain about him not answering emails or processing orders and the customer service he is so well known for would be gone. Lets realize just how much he does rather than the one thing he does not do which would have to sacrifice all he does do for us and support him in taking the free time he does have and spending it with his family for allowing him to do all he does. I think he deserves this from all of us.

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    215 need INTERNS. Remember them

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    WOW! GL thanks for the very kind words. It really means a lot. I know you were joking about the below statement, but it's the truth. If Carey needs me for something she sends an email to me... LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by lasportsmn View Post
    His wife wants to have a relationship with her husband beyond only communicating with him through email because she knows he will answer that right away. ***OK I made that part up***

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    Not really sure what to say Jerry. Must say I do appreciate the sponsorship and support. Last I looked you were a Sponsor and not a Promotor, Director, Sanctioning Body, Insurance holder, Event planner or anything but a Sponsor. Does this Somehow make you responsible for the Promotors duties that you are paying for?

    Don't think we would have even had the Nationals without GreenHulk Sponsoring it and Ross is bitching because you can't make every event? Does he not realize the next race is in your back yard? WOW!

    Thanks for your support!!! Please try to ignore the idiots.

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    Keep up the awesome work with everything you do here!!!! My experience with buying a few things through the store here has been nothing but first rate. I have sent PMs to Jerry asking questions about products. No matter how simple the question, Jerry has always responded. Now multiply that by 100 or more every day, and I can only imagine the workload he has. You have a great forum and a great store, always on the cutting edge of new and great products. I try to steer as many people as I can to the store just because of the awesome service and advice offered. Keep up the good work!!!

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    Public apologies Jerry. It was not my intent to offend and I did. Feel terrible. Very poor choice of words. I/we do appreciate all you do for the sport.

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    I guess people just want more racers and since he has got some pretty fast ski's they think the challenge would be welcomed. Any ways I send Alot of people email and text messages from this forum and have gotten a reply from every single one as well. That in itself is moving. I hope that someone comes along locally with a passion for this sport and needs a job to hopefully have Jerry hire him to help the load. Maybe Jerry can have a vacation. Lol. So with that being said what are you willing to pay for a worker? Who has a guest house? Lol

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    Give this shit a break and spend more time on the truly important things... You know what they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vman View Post
    Give this shit a break and spend more time on the truly important things... You know what they are.
    nailed it

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