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    New Fx color choice

    New to the site but have lurked for a while as I am looking at purchasing my first pwc. Tons of great info here.
    I have decided on a 2014 FX HO or a 2013 (non current) FX SHO. I have two questions. I can get the 2013 sho for $500 more than 2014 ho. Does that deal seem right?
    Also regarding color. I can get black or blue and like them both. I was wondering if the black ends up showing swirls and scuffs more than the blue. Any experience or preferences you would like to share would be appreciated.

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    I just purchased a 2014 FxHO in black. I too was having difficulty choosing between the black and blue so I put it out for a vote to 10 of my friends. All but 2 chose black. I was leaning that way already because of a couple silly reasons, my truck and boat are both black and my buddy has a pair of kawi 250's, one blue and one red. Since I already have a vxr in red I didn't want to have the same color combo as my buddy. Silly I know. I also spoke with several dealers about holdover 2013 FXsho's. All of the dealers had 2-3 units in black and maybe 1 in blue. That meant to me that blue was the more popular choice and I didn't want to have to "compete" with the most popular color on the water. Silly me. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either color.

    I paid $11999 for the ski which included 4 years of warranty and $999 for a Triton LTWCI single place trailer. None of the prices included tax, title or license. They did quote me $12250 for a 2013 SHO. I chose the FxHO because this ski is primarily for my wife and young kids.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the reply. Price difference I was given seems close as I am in Canadian dollars. I may go HO as well as my main purpose is to pull kids on tube and ski. Still worry I'll want more power but am a racer by no means. How is the leg room. I am 6'4" and a little concerned about comfort.

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    leg and seat room are great. I'm 6'3" 350 and the fx fit me better than any other I looked at. I looked at seadoo gtx155 and gti155 limited, kawa ultra lx. i felt both seat and leg room were noticeably better on the fx. i did look at the cruiser seat as well. I felt it to be too restrictive especially for someone sitting reverse to observe a tuber or skier.

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    Thanks. That's what I wanted to hear.

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