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    RXT-X 2010 / 2011 Alignment set, few questions

    Hey guys,

    Once more great forum!! And because of this greatness it's now necessary to re-align my RXT-X 2011.

    When WOT it will pulls to one side. Found a few very useful threads about this subject.

    But before i order all tools from the USA.......

    529035841 - floating ring tool This tool is for removing the c-clip or bellow?

    529035842 - pto support tool Where you use this tool?

    529036193 - thru-hull adapter This tool you slide through your tru-hull after you 'broke' out that
    threaded piece, right?

    From SBT i need SBT Alignment Plate for Sea-Doo Code: 80-103-04 OEM#: 529036197

    and the SBT Engine Alignment Tool for Sea-Doo Code: 80-103B

    But from this set i will only use:

    1) the long alignment shaft
    2) the shorter pipe with round plate to slide in the SBT alignment plate (or goes the long shaft direct in the SBT alignment plate?)
    3) Other short pipe into my PTO shaft

    Already thanks

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    The most important tool not listed above that you need is the Shop Manual! This explains how to do this procedure, measurements for the longitudinal axis (fore and aft), part numbers, and torque values for every bolt on the ski.

    Once you find out how far the alignment is off you will need shims, probably 2-4 per side.

    Just order the 2011 PDF version of the manual online.

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    I have the shopmanual.

    The alignment plate tool 529036197 has this insert i do not see at the SBT one.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Alignment tool.jpg 
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    You put the "alignment shaft support" from the SBT kit into the "alignment plate tool", and after you put the "alignment shaft" through?

    And has the SBT alignment shaft also the marks for the longitudinal position of the motor?

    On Ebay i found this part: "CAN AM 529036170 ENGINE ALIGNMENT TOOL"
    It looks original but also does not have the insert i see in the shop manual.

    My ski has 85hrs and so far no leaking IC or carbon seal. But as i said it's pulling to one side at high speed and checked already nozzle etc. I had the same problem at a GTX 2002 and this was also an alignment issue.


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    I need help! Have a 2010 rxt 215 s3 hull. I'm repairing this machine for a customer. Two drive shafts it went threw first one had something stuck in pump, other dealer that did Work changed out shaft sent it to customer and 4 hrs later it took the splines out again! Ordered all the alignment tools and shims, wasn't even close to lineing up. Took 1 shim out from front mount and add 4 to each rear one, now the alignment to slides in and out with little effort. Has any one else had this issue?? Any links on how to do this job?
    please help!,,

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