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    06 sportster over heating

    I just got this boat i put it in the lake it runs very well but after 10 minites of running it over heats and spits all the coolent out of the tank were do i even start to try to fix this would it be the water pump its self????????????? with it idling at the dock i went home got my temp gun it was running the front side of the motor i just pointed the gun at the block 225 if i shoot it at the hose just above the water pump it was 195 deg it is noisy i no the sound of the super charger i like the winny sound but its not that more like a bit of a wine not good sound lol if that makes any sence if it is the water pump how hard is it to change im good with a wrench just no ider where to even start on this HELP

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    Thermostat could be stuck.

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