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    Exclamation Problem with rxt 255

    Muy friend have a problem with a rxt 255, your pwc normally has a maximum speed of 70 mph but now only does 67mph.
    We carry pwc dealer and he checked all pwc and he said they could be 2 things:

    1º- The hull was repainted its pwc for a few scratches that made him a rock, retailers told us that competition the hulls are sanded down to run for more .... and nobody takes them polished. We stayed like that ....: Smt119 and found a real stupid this explanation

    2º- Wear Ring, your pwc has 170 hours and he nevers changed the wear ring.

    you think any of these things can make you lose three miles really?

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    wear ring and supercharger slip will be off. Replace the wear ring and have the SC rebuilt. The carbon ring, bellows and clip will also need to be replaced.

    Sanding the back half of the hull directionally is an old racers trick and it does work. Don't think so? Go get a RC boat and run it back to back factor and sanded.

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    How many RPM is the ski turning at full throttle? If you take your hand and rub it across the bottom, how does it feel? Does the VTS work and is there any cavitation when going full throttle from idle?

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    Top RPM : 8.050-8.100 rpm

    No cavitation

    The hull beneath feels soft and smooth

    Thanks guys !!

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    RPMs are close, but 8120-8160 is the sweet spot for your ski. Have you verified speeds with GPS before and after the haul repair or are you only going by the seadoo speedo? If your body guy contaminated the speedo sender with paint, this can cause a lower reading on your gauge.

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    all your data is with GPS

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    Ahora está pensando en lijar el casco por debajo cree ganará y 2-3 mph más.
    El asegura que el resto de la pwc es 100% ok
    ¿Qué te parece la idea de lijar el casco por debajo?? Le dije que esperar antes de hacer eso.

    I told him I was going to consult with you before

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    Im with imposter on this 1. With 170 hrs its going to need a wear ring and s/c rebuild. Bearings n washers every time!!!!
    Those 2 items are wear items that should be replaced.
    Also put a fresh set of spark plugs in it...

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    the S / C only has 26 hours

    The wear ring has appropriate tolerances, that is to say is not excessively worn.

    Spark is new only 5 hours

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    I second Speedo sender...........

    How warm was the Air/water.....Lake Anna up here runs over 95 degrees on the Warm side of a nuclear plant......I lost 4 MPH and 400 rpms just because of the water temp......went to our usually spot on the potomac the next weekend and I was doin consistent 8180 69-70mph (speedo not gps).

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