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    Rear drain plug removal on 09 FZR

    I'm trying to remove the drain plugs and replace the gaskets that are all cracked and worn as I plan on leaving the fzr in water over night a few times this spring. I've tried spinning the phillips screws out but it just keeps turning (all of them). Made a quick attempt to reach down on the inside of the hull to find a nut or something but I couldn't (however I was in a rush to leave) anyone have any pointers? 2 machine screws per drain plug.

    Thanks guys

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    There are small self locking nuts and washers on the inside of the hull holding the two phillips screws on . you will need someone to get all the way back inside the hull to hold the nuts while you turn the screws from the outside to remove them. It helps to remove the seat base from the hull and the person you use to go from the top side to the hull is small with long arms. Do not over tighten these nuts at instillation if you do all it will do is distort the new rubber gasket too much. Tommy Jordan

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    I was able to remove mine with a box wrench on the inside using the bottom of the hull to hold it.

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    I had to remove one of my drain plugs on my 2009 FZR a few years ago (the plastic on it cracked right in half). Anywho, the most straight forward way to remove the rear seat of your ski and then reach down with a mid-length (8 inches?) socket extension and unscrew the nuts on the drain plug.

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