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Thread: SNJ->OCMD ??'s

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    SNJ->OCMD ??'s

    Whats up, looking for some OCMD ride answers,

    planning a trip for august 2014, to leave from AC to OCMD for a long weekend vaca. I have done a few searches on here but couldn't find any concrete answers. Where are good/decent places to stay for the weekend in OCMD where we can tie up the skis and one boat or marina hotels. I did a google
    sewfch but it better to get first hand references form people who have stayed in places before.Not looking for top of the line places but dont want to stay at a HoJo either. Hope some one can point me in the right direction. Also, anyone that wants to join....let me know!!!

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    Sounds like a great ride. If u post up in the jersey section there are a buch of guys that ride this trip u speak of. If I'm in Ocm that weekend I'll ride down there with u. It would be a pain to drive from my house to jersey drop the ski off and ride down. If u like longer rides we also do some longer rides outta Ocm to virgin or Delaware. Keep us posted

    Also my dads condo he lives at has a few other units that rent at times. Last year they couldn't cause we were fixing shitfrom hurricane sandy. If u want numbers let me know

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    Wait's for Nick (Carguy) to chime in. He does this ride almost annually.

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    Monaco replied with info in the Jersey section.

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