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    2010 RXT-X 260 113hrs Antifreeze

    Hey guys, just pulled my 2010 out of the garage and was going to get it ready for a possible sale. Ski is in great shape, but something has me concerned. When I looked at the bottom of the hull, front part of engine, I see a little antifreeze in the bottom. When I looked at the reservoir I noticed it has dropped in level. Now I know for a fact, this was almost to the full mark before I had it winterized. I traced the cooling lines and can't see where anything seems like its seeping. Also, could it have came from the overflow line since it has been trailed some? Just doesn't seem normal and don't want someone else to have a problem if they buy it. Any ideas???

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    I had the same on mine when I started to bring it out of winter storage. Mine was a leaking hose, the one that comes from the head to the top of the thermostat. It was leaking on the thermostat end. It only showed the leak when I pressurised the system (max 11psi), then it dripped out.

    I chose to put a new hose on and new clamps, as the old one looked worn on the inside where it had rubbed against the flange.

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    Mine got loose at the bottle. New clamp, all good. If your not running and it's leaking, it's a loose clamp or cracked/split hose.

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