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    Need fuel line diagram

    I need a fuel line diagram so I can make sure I hooked everything up correctly when I changed the fuel line I also changed the fuel valve as well and it doesn't say anything on the valve on which one is which so a diagram would be help full

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    Oops it's a 94 spi

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    Also something that has got me thinking something is wrong is when I hooked up the new fuel line replaced plugs cut back the wires a bit and replaced the fuel valve after all of that I started her and with one push it fired right up. Kinda odd if you ask me because the factory fuel filter was empty and all of the lines were empty. Since this stile carb doesn't have a bowl why did it start right up?

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    If you didn't remove the carbs, they were still holding fuel. There is enough fuel inside them to run the machine for a good 1-2 minutes.

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