Image by Danyelle Hocker Glendenning

The race season is nearly upon us here the ‘States and the racers are quickly getting their ducks in a row before the first rubber band snaps. While the social media hubs are abuzz with the big announcements from the top tier sponsored racers, many of the “little guys” are going unnoticed are struggling to gather up the funds necessary to compete.

We at The Watercraft Journal caught wind that 20-year-old racer Brooks D’Antonio is in that same boat and wanted to help get the word out. Brooks launched a fundraising campaign to help afford him enough funds to get him on the water.

The Watercraft Journal
got a quick minute with the young gun who explained, “The funds will strictly cover traveling expenses, race fees, and maintenance towards my ski. Right now we’re in the process of building an Open class ski; it’s taking a bit longer and more expensive than planned. We’re getting close to the wire for the first race May 3rd and 4th in Parker, Az. We want to be on that line and fight for another regional championship.”

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