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    Need help troubleshooting. 5A Relay fuse blown while Rectifier is connected. 96 GTX

    I purchased this ski used 2 months ago and posted here about no charging. Many of you suggested that it could be the rectifier. Yesterday I finally got around to checking things out. Used my meter to verify that battery was not being charged while engine is running. I started checking fuses. I found the 5A relay fuse in the front fuse box was blown. I replaced the fuse and cranked the engine. Voltage jumped up to 13 + volts then after a few seconds back down to 12. I checked the fuse again and it was blown. I disconnected the rectifier and tried a new fuse. Cranked engine. No charging but no blown fuse either. SO I think the rectifier is bad. Right? I have water tested the ski and it runs fine. It tops out at 52mph with no problems. It's just not charging because something is causing the relay fuse to blow. I have ordered a new rectifier.

    Am I on the right track? I have googled and cannot find any scenarios like mine. Most other rectifier problems I read about cause no charging/bad engine performance and/or over charging. Mine runs great, just not charging. Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like you've got it solved. A dead short in the rectifier would definitely cause a blown fuse. Check yellow and red to black on the rectifier with a meter. There should be no reading/open.

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    It was the rectifier. The new one works perfect.

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