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    Catch can breather hose length?

    I have fitted a catch can but because of the lack of space and layout (aS suspension) the hose that leads from the engine to the catch can has become quite long, is this a problem?

    I guess it must be 30" or so long.

    My question is, will the vapour cool and condensate in the hose before making it to the catch can? If it does, what happens in the worse case if it flows back into the engine?

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    Where did you mount the catch can?

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    I mounted it pretty much above the SC, but having a 4" direct air with solid piping there is no room to turn a hose 180 degrees so close. Therefore my plan was to run a hose from the engine breather, above the waterbox, turn under the IC and feed into the back of the catch can. Sounds a long way around, but it is so tight in the aS hull and I have two 22mm bilge pump hoses running through here too.

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    I have a S3 hulled ski and it aint as tight as a T3 hulled ski.
    Why dont you want to mount the catch can near the front of the motor?

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    I have solved the problem now. I formed a custom hose and weaved through the maze of pipes n wires.

    S3 hulls are not a problem, aS S3 are!! The suspension limits access (without deck tilt or remove) and everything has to be worked on through tiny openings. There are also limited fixing points ( if you don't want to drill the hull).

    If I didn't love the suspension so much, we would have fallen out of love and gone our owns ways on day two!!!

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