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    Jettribe 2014 Lake Perris ENDURO Results

    JETTRIBE 2014 Lake Perris ENDURO Results


    March 22, 2014

    For more info & updates, please visit &
    Racers, Family and Friends,
    Jettribe would like to send out an awesome shout out to all the dedicated racers and athletes who
    participated in the 2014 Jettribe West Coast Series inaugural Lake Perris Endurance Gran Prix!
    As a token of our appreciation, for the 2014 Jettribe West Coast Series, we would like to offer all riders who participate in the opening rounds at the Blue Water Resort & Casino a $25.00 gift certificate redeemable towards any Jettribe gear. It is our small way of saying thank you!
    Congratulations to Mike Klippenstein, #212 Ft. MacMurray, AL, Canada on his Yamaha for coming in 1st Place overall.
    JETTRIBE 2014 Lake Perris ENDURO Results

    Pro Am Open
    1st - #212 Mike Klippenstein 33 laps
    2nd - #2 Mark Gerner 30 laps
    3rd - #102 Bill Scott & Kyle Scott 28 laps
    4rth- #58 K.C. Heidler 28 laps

    Vet/Master Open
    1st - #212 Mike Klippenstein 33 laps
    2nd - #12 Tom Cruz 29 laps
    3rd - #007 Scott McIntosh & Jonathan Mangan 15 laps

    4 Stroke Stock
    1st - #69 Evelyn Mangan 30 laps
    2nd - #137 Josh Glenndenning & Charles Anderson 29 laps
    3rd - #57 Derek Newton 26 laps

    4 Stroke N/A Open
    1st - #131 Shane Newton 26 laps

    MFG Stock
    1st - #600 Minoru Kanamori & Takahiro Tsujimotu 27 laps
    2nd - #9 Eric Graff 26 laps

    Stand Up
    1st - #18 Pete Yauri 18 laps
    2nd - #252 Tony Vo 2 laps

    For more info & updates, please visit &
    Jettribe Manufacturers most of our gear inhouse
    Did you know that Jettribe manufacture most of our gear inhouse? We believe that we are able to control the prototyping and manufacturing in house is one the key to our success. Plus our experience from designed and manufactured for some of the biggest name brands in the world for over a decade. For over 10 years we designed and manufactured for global names like Hurley, Aria, O'Neal, Parts Unlimited, Ecko , Zoo York, Kingman, Spyder,

    One key is that the Watercraft industry is not huge. Therefore having our own lnhouse production to meet the ever changing demands from our riders. We can rev up to produce a hot single line or run multiple lines to feel out the market.

    Will Jettribe grow to be like your closest competitor? Our answer? Jettribe will forge our own path not like anything in the past. We are in such an exciting times our customers base is not limited to local any more. And with the new overseas emerging markets , we are experiencing growth that we can never imagine. Dispite of the challenging economic times.

    It is crazy to admit but sometimes we will fly overseas for a dinner meeting.

    It is quite true if you want to know the future you must look at the past. But in Jettribe's case we look forward into the future with one eye in the past. With the Internet, fast global container shipping, and international flight our world has become a smaller place.

    Stepping into 2014 , we would to say we know our exact growth path. But your guess is as good as ours. Well maybe not.

    Jettribe " Core Watercraft Co. " From Southern California USA Since 1996!
    Lake Perris Jetski Races - Jettribe - Jettribe TV
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    Awesome deal at $69.99

    ● High impact injection molded polycarbonate plates.
    ● Articulating sections conform to the curvature of your back.
    ● Break-away plastic rivets and 6-point velcro system mounts back deflector to the RS-16 Race Vest securely.
    ● Built-in water drain vents ensures that water does not get captured but flows through without weighing down the vest.

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    Nice job KC.

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    The inaugural Lake Perris Grand Prix Endurance Race debuted to great reviews, making for a fun day on the water as well as a race well positioned for future growth of the PWC endurance racing niche. The format of the race consisted of two motos, each one an hour-plus-one 5.3 mile lap completed throughout the day with a Le Mans start. Racers could race solo, have a race partner to split the motos and perform pit stops if they chose to do so.

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