I have the dealer do all the service on this. So far the drive shaft failed and now it's in the shop for the impeller coming apart. (the center ring has fractured) Dealer did the super charger at 100 hours, and now I'm at 180. I seem to add a lot of oil. I haven't kept track, but it seems to take a quart every few rides (every ride is a tank of gas, usually at full throttle mostly for about 1.5 to 2 hours) So my question is, what is causing it? I'm afraid the engine is going to explode or it will gradually keep losing power. So far it hasn't lost any that I'm aware of, it will still throttle back when I hit 70. How much will an engine rebuild be? Or should I get rid of it and buy something new? I was planning on holding on to this for much longer, but I do not want to buy a new engine. (saw one on ebay for 6k) I was going to try an RXP-X 260. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.