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    New seadoo purchase dilemma

    Trying to decide why i'm thinking of doing this but possibly purchasing a 2013 seadoo gtise130 in the green.should i buy it with the rebate from seadoo?otdoor price with a triton trailer is$10,000 or close.I jus sold a 2012 gti130 to buy a 2014 spark 2 upho in pineapple with ibr,i"m thinking i will end up on the spark most of the time and occasionally ride the gti with a girlfriend or friend,i'm really into the jumping and playing in the waves,i'm a long time x4 owner and thinking i just like the colors on the gtise and if it makes sense to have as a second ski even though its a lot of money for.

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    Well, if you're anywhere near Ohio...

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    Hes a dealer and has been known to have great deals for us.!!!!

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    Thanks for the help there DrivingZiggy. I think I have my 2012 GTI SE 130 posted at a great deal,from what I have seen posted on the net,most are asking more 7600 dollars for just the ski,at 7000 you get my ski and trailer and extras.

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    Whereare you located?

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