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    91 300sx problem; starts and dies

    hi all I have an old 300sx that I'm having trouble with. Don't use it much but the little ones like it. It was professionally rebuilt not long ago. Always runs great, but recently quit on me. Here's what it is doing:

    1. on cold start, choke out, fires up immediately and runs for 3-5 seconds, then dies.
    2. when you try again, it just chugs.
    3. if you wait 10+ minutes, it will fire again, but not as well. Dies quick.
    4. If you wait hours, it fires up just like before for 3-5 seconds then dies.

    I have replaced the plugs, checked for fuel, tried spraying starter fluid, checked compression, and replaced the battery. I am thinking it is the igniter giving all it can when you start, then after it runs out of juice stops sending spark. Builds back capacity while it's sitting there?

    I ordered a new igniter on impulse, hoping it wasn't a big mistake as they are not cheap.

    Any ideas?

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    Checking in to see if this can get a response... Really would love to get my ski running. Igniter? Stator? Coil? I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Sounds like a fuel problem to me. Did they flush the fuel system out thoroughly when it was 'rebuilt'? If it doesn't see much use, it may have a lot of gum/dirt in it. The newer ethanol gas doesn't help, either.

    If it starts, odds are that the ignition system is fine.

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