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    anyone hear of salt issues related to wb1 with a kawi 1100 ?

    hey guys i am about to pull the trigger on a built wb1 1100 and the one final thing a friend brought up was to find out some info on the electronics concerning salt since thats all we ride. its either buy this 1100 or build the 701 and no need for the debate on which is better i will have the 701 still regardless question is everyone i know help wise rides fresh water wwith these does anyone have salt water expierence or heard of there being issues with the kawi electronics getting tossed around in salt surf?? help is much appreciated thanks

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    its all about maintenance, if you take care the ski flush it inside and outside you should be fine. people that do have problems are those who think flushing the engine with salt away is also going to take care the outside of the engine and electronics.

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