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    New ski - couple questions on corrosion protection for valve cover bolts. drive shaft

    Hey guys, just got a new RXP-X

    I ride in 100% salt water and the problem ive had in the past is the water accumulation in the recessed holes made for the valve cover bolts at the top of the engine.
    The new RXP-X doesn't have the plastic cover that used to go over these bolts, so I'm wondering what you do to prevent water pooling and eventual rust on the valve cover bolts. in the past ive just sprayed it all down with fresh water and then sprayed WD40 into the holes, displacing the water. trying to dry out all the water or suck it out is time consuming.

    Ive had someone suggested packing the top of the valve cover bolts with grease. thoughts on that?

    Drive shaft - does anyone use motorcycle chain lube on the drive shafts to prevent rust?

    For everything else im going to us XPS lube. i like the fact that i can SEE it and see if/when i need to apply more of it. the T9 stuff i never even new if it was on there or had washed off.

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    wd40 eats rubber. CRC 656 or even advance auto parts protectant is better. I even fog my engine with that crap. I also spray the entire pump area and ride plate

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    Just spray everything with xps lube...including the bolts you said... Before and after every ride ( at least for the bolts)

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    Fluid Film or Corrosion X also seem to be popular. I've used both and have seen great results.
    Also safe to pretty much spray on everything.

    WD40 does eat rubber...but then there's a few that swear by it on here as well.

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    xps lube or equivilent ..... toothbrush .....air duster

    Spray a tiny amount of xps into recess then use the toothbrush to agitate then blow it out with airduster along with some tissue or Garage roll to clean up ----------- JOB DONE!

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