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    whats a cheap site for a wheel and tire for spare?

    looking for 2 new tires or tires and rims for my trailer. 205/65/10 with 5 lug rim is my current setup. def need 2 tires, thinking bout getting 2 new ones and having a the old one for a full size spare.

    any leads on a cheap place other than ebay for rims and tires?

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    Walmart or Harbor Freight if there is one close to you. Shipping tires on rims is expensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motinindy View Post
    Walmart or Harbor Freight if there is one close to you. Shipping tires on rims is expensive
    This is what I was going to post. For sure check Walmart. I've noticed some locations carry them and some do not. If the first one you go to doesn't carry them ask them to find another location that does...Or...go onto Walmarts website and do a in-store pickup order to your closest location. It may take a day or 2 but it's free.

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    i have found to be cheaper than walmart here, and i get whatever color wheel i want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98gsxl951 View Post
    ... having the old one for a full size spare...
    Old trailer tires may not be a good choice for a spare.

    I recently took an aged but 'still good' spare tire and moved it into service as a road tire. A few weeks later it blew out at speed. Made a mess of the fender and forced me to do a roadside tire change!

    If the DOT sidewall date code on a tire is much more than five years old, consider the tire 'done' and use something newer as the spare. Not much good in carrying an old spare around if you cannot trust it to stay together when you actually use it!

    My new personal guideline is that all the tires on the trailer must be five years or younger, including the spare!

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    It's hard to beat Wally World for a galvanized rim/tire combo.

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