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    Type of oil for GTX SC, and GTX wake?

    I ended up with a 2006 GTX SC, amd 2006 GTX Wake. Super charger is coming out for a rebuild this weekend plugs are being changed. i need to change the oil but i want to make sure i put the right stuff back in. what weight and brand is recommended for these, and is it different for the SC vs the NA Wake?

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    I use Castrol 10w40 non-synthetic for all SC'd skis

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    A lot of people here use the AMSOIL 10-40 Synthetic*Marine*Oil. It is safe for the supercharger clutches.

    Here is a test regarding the Sea-Doo and the AMSOIL Synthetic for the supercharger wet clutches.

    Click the link below and and become a preferred customer for only $10.00 and purchase at wholesale. The oil will be shipped right to your house.

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    Use the search function..

    There are probably 100+ threads on oil..

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