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    The Riva XXX Supercharger With Closed Loop Cooling??

    Hi, guys I have a question about the Riva open loop cooling. I have an 08 seadoo RXT-X with the following mods.
    Riva stage 1 kit
    Riva IC relocation kit
    Riva Pro series OPAS block offs
    Riva sponsons
    Riva through hull exhaust
    Riva water box
    Riva intake mod
    Riva oil catch can
    Riva thermostat
    Riva valve train upgrade kit
    Riva pro series ecu
    Riva xxx super charger
    Riva 50lb injectors
    Riva fuel pressure regulator

    I contacted Riva and they are saying I will have to go with open loop cooling, because the extra boost from the xxx supercharger will create more heat than the closed loop setup can take. I wish I would have known this before buying everything. The xxx supercharger says nothing about requiring open loop cooling. Is anyone running a riva xxx or rude 3 supercharger with the stock seadooo closed loop cooling? What do you guys think?

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    I dont think that you need to go open loop but maybe if you like to run wide open for long periods of time.

    You could also run a bigger heat exchanger if you want to keep it closed loop.

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    Change the thermostat and you will be fine...

    If it gets too hot after that, go with a 30-Plate Heat Exchanger...

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    Where do you ride?
    My 08 Rxpx with closed loop and a 137x4 would overheat after long wot runs. I went open loop and did not have a problem.

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    Thanks for the quick replies. I currently have the Riva thermostat setup, that I was going to put on it. I ride the ski in lakes in California, no Ocean riding. Also take a trip to Arizona in the summer and ride it in the river their. I've been thinking about going open loop until I read this Been kicking myself about what to do. Been thinking about just going back to complete stock, but the speed freak in me says no, also already have way to much invested in parts.

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    You will be fine with closed loop. I ran a xxx with closed loop and all was good. I would add a dedicated pisser for your inter cooler to help with the extra heat from the charger. Either way you will be fine. Having said that I am a fan of open loop!

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    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong (yeah, like I really needed to say that LOL), but with the Riva ecu I believe he will have an 8650 rpm limit. At that rpm he won't be achieving peek boost out of the XXX anyway, therefore less heat.

    I initially ran the XXX with the Riva ecu and never got close to the advertised 15psi boost. I was lucky that I kept my OEM ecu, sent it off to Jerry for a 9k reflash and BAM, there's the boost!!!! IMO, you got the valve train upgrade and the rrfpr, now spin that motor and upgrade your injectors to get what you paid for in the XXX.

    Don't give up on your ski. You are off to a great start!! And there are plenty of good dudes on the forum that will help you save $$$. Also, watch the classified section, you don't have to buy everything new! Welcome to the Hulk!

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    Wow, loving this forum. Lots of very nice and helpful people on here. After doing some more reading on here, I think I will go with a 30 plate heat exchanger, that way I can try out the Riva ride plate, which I've been reading makes a big difference in the handling of the ski in chop. Will I be able to run a heat exchanger with the stock intercooler, or will I need an after market one. If I need a different one which one is recommended? Thanks again for all the help guys.

    smkondwtr what type of cooling system are you running, open loop or heat exchanger? Also, think I will sell my Riva 50lb injectors after reading about how they tend lock up at high pressure, and go with the 50lb bosh ones instead. Will hold onto my stock ecu as well and probably end up doing like you did and get it flashed, to get the full boost out of the SC. Would I have to go with the 80lb injectors with Jerry's 9k reflash for it to work and get the full 15psi boost? Also wondering if you know the rebuild hours for the xxx charger? Can they go 100hr before rebuild like the stock seadoo x charger? Been looking everywhere for the answer and cant find it, figured it would be mentioned in the instructions that came with it but didn't see it..

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    i run a turbo with the stock ride plate and have the wastegate and turbo bearings ADDED to the cooling system.

    and no signs of high temps etc

    you will want to change the bearings out at 70hrs if it was me.. my rxp will get new bearings in the supercharger every 50hrs.

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    I ran the Xxx and the C kit and after running CC racing needed to go open loop as the ride plate can only exchange so much heat ...

    full throttle runs and back to normal runs no problem , but track time no good ...

    Even with the 160 thermostat ...

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