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    01 rx di getting one long beep and maintenance light

    shortly after start up keep getting one long beep then maintenance light and then limp mode. I took this ski down and had the code read and was told it was the temp sensor. I replaced and yet still have the same issue. anyone have any experience with this.

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    could be low injection oil.....I'd check all the electrical connectors to make sure all sensors are plugged in.

    DI codes need to be cleared, then the ski run to determine what the "real error" is, the temp sensor error could have been an old issue.

    In my experience only the biggest Seadoo dealers have staff experienced on DI troubleshooting.

    oh yeah..welcome aboard the hulk!

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    Wich temp sensor?!.....there are 2 : engine and exhaust
    The beep disapears after 1 min with runing engine?!

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    Check voltaje when engine running,must be over 13 V

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