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    yamaha gp800r won't go passed 4000rpm after rebuild

    ok so I just got my waverunner back from the dealer after it dropped a power valve and destroyed the top end of the motor. Basically it's doing the same thing it did before they rebuilt it. It won't go passed 4000rpm, has no power and it boggs down and stalls if you keep your hand on the throttle. They say the double mixed the fuel so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. The good new is it starts right up on the first try and idles great. It doesn't have enough power to barely even get on plane it goes like 15 miles per hour at 4000rpm. Why doesn't it go past 4000rpm? They said to vary the speed for the first 10 hours or so but how do you vary the speed when it barely gets on plane? I'm very tired of this ski. Is the bogging normal for the first tank of fuel since it's mixed rich?

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    so nobody has any input at all?

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    What did dealer do? Carbs, fuel filter, etc. or just rebuild top end? Sounds as though it could be fuel related. I wouldn't think that the high oil mix would cause it though. Might smoke quite a bit more.

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    carbs, fuel filter, rebuilt top end, new power valves. This happened last july and we let them keep it over the winter so they could fix it for a cheaper price during the slow season. It's doing the same thing it did when the carbs were gummed up originally so I wonder if they bothered to clean the carbs again after having it sit for 9 months. Which I doubt cause the tech was adamant that the fuel would stay fresh since it was mixed with oil. (never heard of that) unless yamalube has stabilizer in the oil. So honestly I think the carbs need to be cleaned again even though they cleaned the carbs back in july. They finally gave us the ski back this weekend. How come it only goes like 15mph at 4000rpm? It's direct drive so it's not like there would be a clutch slipping. When it did run right 4000 rpm would be like 35mph. originally it was in the shop to have the carbs cleaned then we used it for an hour or two and it ran ok but seemed low on power from what I remember the last time I drove it. I just thought it needed some fine tuning of the carbs and then it dropped a power valve when I took it out one more time before bringing it back to the dealer to make sure it wasn't all in my my head and that's when it dropped the valve I guess cause it could barely get out of it's own way.

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    Have you cleaned or replaced the plugs? I had the same problem today on my rebuild (2001gpr) the plugs were just fouled. I let mine idle for a few minutes in my driveway to check for water leaks and that's probably what fouled them. I have extra oil in for break in too.

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