The race season has finally upon us and the folks behind the UWP-IJSBA National Tour have been hard at work prepping for this season. Jennifer Handler has spent countless hours redesigning their new website – – to make it more user friendly and introduce a new concept to racers everywhere.

UWP-IJSBA has introduced a new title for jet ski racing – watercross – with hopes to encourage enthusiasm about our sport. They have asked for racers everywhere to spread the name. “We want to let all the old timers know that the Bud hangover days are over and we are in a new era of building the sport up and over the top,” they said. “We need to energize a new base of competitors and bring family fun into the sport. Let’s face it, when it comes to excitement, watercross has got it going on.”
The new site was officially released on March 31 and is loaded with information for every racer’s needs. Equipped with the latest news and updates about the National Tour and Tour locations, the Handlers have combed over every option in bringing their racers the best.

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