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    Jet license question

    Does everybody must have a jet licence?
    For example: 5 drivers driving together and only one guy has a licence (so called as instructor or supervisor)
    Or everybody must have a paper.

    Safari kind of thing.

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    Every state has their own set of rules; you'll need to check w/your F & W commission...

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    The requirement for a Ski or boating licence is predicated on your age. Each state sets the age limit requirement that must get a boating/ski course some have no rules others have a shit load. Go on line and check it out .... where do do you live & how old are you ?

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    im not from usa

    Im planning to go jeting to florida with my friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanel View Post
    im not from usa

    Im planning to go jeting to florida with my friends
    If you are renting skis it shouldn't be an issue. They will either let you go or send a guide with you.

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