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    94 Yamaha VXR Pro no spark

    Hey Everyone,

    New to the forums and fairly new to jetskis as well. Last week I picked up a 94' Yamaha VXR Prowith trailer for $250. The kid couldn't get it to start one day and didn't have cash to fix it, so I ended up buying it.

    I first ohmed the coil and the readings it got, I was told it was bad. When you hit the start button, it's getting voltage to the coil, just no output. I so bought a brand new one online and put it in, and I'm still not getting spark. I left one plug in the block connected and grounded out the 2nd plug to one of the head bolts.

    I've checked the fuse in the electrical box, and I disconnected the kill switch and still nothing.

    Other than a bad CDI, what could it be? Is there a way to determine if a CDI is bad? I read through several posts here this morning but have yet to find any info that would help determine what the cause is.

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    I found this on another forum and tried it, but I still have the same result.

    Unplug the stop switch, I know what you are going to ask, which wires, and where are they at, ok here goes the wires are a black and a white in the same connector, to find them follow the wiring coming from the handlebar till you reach the connectors and unplug the connector with the black and white wires .

    On some skis specifically Waveventures and Waveraiders these connectors are hidden in a mess of clear plastic wiring loom wrap, unwind the wrap till you find the connector and unplug it.

    Does it have spark, how do you know if it has spark, unscrew the spark plugs from the head put them in the spark plug caps and lay them on the head, hit the start button, to verify if you have spark or not. If you have spark now you have found your problem, repair or replace the start stop switch, if not continue on.

    Time to open up the electric box, you know the black box full of spaghetti with 100 screws holding it together, yep that's the electrical box, once you get the 100 screws out you can make some electrical checks if you have a volt -ohm meter that is.

    I don't usually mess with ohm checks just yet, what I am more interested in is AC voltage , specifically the voltage coming from the source coil and the pickup coil. you are looking for a about 4 to 5 volts from the pickup coil that would be the white/red and the black ground wire.

    The source coil is a brown/white and the black ground wires, look for around 30V AC from the source coil. If both of those check out ok you need to check the output on the CDI box next, this will be the orange and black wires coming out of the CDI box and going to the ignition coil.

    Unplug these two wires from the ignition coil and check AC voltage coming out of the CDI box .If you don't get voltage on these two wires when you crank the ski over and the stop switch is disconnected your CDI box is dead, replace it.

    In order of most likely to fail :start stop switch, CDI box, source coil, pickup coil, ignition coil.

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    On one that old it's most likely the CDI. You can check the ohms and AC output voltage of the stator while cranking. If it checks OK then it wouold be your CDI.

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