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    Seadoo 4-tec lubrication

    I have never had any issues with lubrication or super charger bearing failure but would like to know if the front and rear oil pump have to be replaced every x amount of hours or do they loose psi over time i got 150 hours on my ski?

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    the pumps will last for a very long time if there is no debris through the motor so don't worry about them the will be fine.
    there is no time interval as such either.

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    I was just worried because i was told they would loose pressure over X amount of time and it would be a good idea to replace them with over 100 hours but at a little over $400 just want to make sure.

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    They're mehanical pumps just like a standard GM 3.8. Unless they eat something they only should be replaced when the engine dies or you're having it refreshed with new pistons, bearings etc. Want to extend the life of everything? Do what I do and change 1qt of oil every 3 months or about 5-8hrs in my case.

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    Thank you.

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