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    Rebuild options? Also performance mods at same time?

    Now that I need to rebuild my ski I'm looking at my options.

    do I improve my psi in cylinders by getting head milled?
    do I insert the good reads you can buy from WFO?
    Do I insert the 4 degree key way?
    or do I go back to stock?

    could people please also give me a heads up on waveeater clips and tell me if there worth the money? Also what pistons do people recommend?

    Thank you in advance

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    You didn't say what ski you have. So, answers are general in nature. Yes, you can increase compression by milling your head. You may have to step up the octane rating though, depending on compression. Haven't seen the reeds that WFO sells, but if he sells them, they have to be good. I personally use only carbon fiber or fiberglass reeds; if one breaks, it won't damage the engine as it goes through. And, I can't speak for the keyway, the GPR guys maybe can chime in on that. Also, you can increase compression some by using a thinner base gasket.

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    You'll need an EFI controller if you increase compression and timing if a fuel injected ski or a rejet if carbureted. Also an impeller to transfer the power and intake grate/ ride plate, sponsons to increase handling.

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